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Book Review: The Anxious Lawyer, An 8-Week Guide to a Joyful and Through Mindfulness and Meditation
By Jeena Cho & Karen Gifford

I am sure that many reading this could imagine he Anxious Lawyer being the title of a novel loosely based on their own life story. As Cho, Gifford and others have pointed out, anxiety seems to come part and parcel with the law degree. Many of us feel anxiety is necessary in order to keep our clients and ourselves from falling into legal and professional traps. But surely we can also recognize that there are times when failing to let go of our anxiety has caused the very problems we are so anxious to avoid.

Cho and Gifford, both attorneys who have spent years on the front lines of the legal profession, offer a solution to combat, or at least cope, with the pressures and stress that all of us who have chosen a career in the law face, day after day, year after year. Their new book, he Anxious Lawyer, is an easy-to-read introductory guide into mindfulness training, specifically geared to those in our profession. The book opens with an introduction containing a litany of the harrowing statistics on attorney substance abuse and mental health issues that we are all somewhat familiar with, even if we are in denial about ourselves.

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Book Review by M. Allison Moon, Esq., of Moon Law Firm in Greenville, South Carolina.  Author, Jeena Cho, will be a presenter during the Wellness Committee activities at SC Bar Convention in January 2017.