November: Stress-Free Holiday Season

Kickoff to a Stress-Free Holiday Season by Jasmine Smith

Does simply hearing the term "holiday season" make you anxious? While this time of year can bring joy, happiness, family bonding, and togetherness, it can also bring about stress and anxiety. Regardless of your stance on any particular religion, the number of holiday-related events from November to January seems to grow every year. There are parades, festivals, dinners, luncheons, cocktail parties, office parties, parties at your child's school, plays, musical events, etc. The list seems endless. The Wellness Committee recognizes the heightened anxiety incurred during this time of year and, in response, has produced a video series to hopefully help combat some of the stress.  

As you move into the season, check out the first video in the series in which SC Bar Member Tina Cundari offers a 5 minute yoga sequence you can do right in your office.  

5 Minute Yoga Sequence in your Office from South Carolina Bar on Vimeo

According to leading experts, yoga helps manage stress and improve mental well-being. Yoga also creates clarity and calmness; increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns; enhances strength; relaxes the mind; centers attention; and sharpens concentration. So, right before you rush out the door to that office event, court appearance, or stressful dinner with your in-laws, practice this yoga sequence. For more resources on how to handle stress, visit the Stress Management section of this website

Additionally, check these resources for practical tips on having a stress-free Thanksgiving:

Finally, here are additional resources that may help as you begin to think about how to plan the remaining holidays:

****Please Note:  If you or someone you know has been affected by the recent flooding throughout South Carolina, here is a list of resources to contact for assistance****