September: Practicing Overall Health & Wellness

Staying Active
Amanda Pittman

  • I stay active by just living. If I am taking a trip to the mountains, I will either drive there or drive back on the parkway so that I can hike on a couple of trails. When I was on vacation in Jamaica, I participated in the Beach Olympics and played volleyball. On normal weekends, I either walk around my boyfriend’s neighborhood, or we go somewhere fun to walk/hike. Bringing your pet on the walk is an added bonus because dogs need to exercise too.  We always try to take Rusty when we are going on a hike/walk. My office is on Main Street, so if I have depositions at another office on Main, I’ll walk there if it’s a nice day. And in the spring/fall, I take a break to walk later in the afternoon.  
  • I also try to stay healthy by eating right. I rarely go out to lunch. I typically bring my lunch so that I can control the portion as well as limit what I’m eating. I gave up soft drinks for Lent back in 8th grade and never really picked it back up. I typically drink 2 cups of coffee per day and water the rest of the day.  
  • Being healthy is something you have to work toward – it’s not something that just happens. I love doughnuts and cookies and brownies, which can always be found at a law firm, but I have to tell myself that I don’t need it. I bring fruit, so I can eat an apple or peach or banana instead. I have to choose to love water when I would much rather have something with some taste. I have to choose to exercise when I’ve had a long day and I’m exhausted. But making these decisions makes me feel better about myself, and ultimately, makes me better at what I do. 

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