April: 2018 Wellness Challenge: Spring Into Wellness!

Starting April 2, the Wellness Committee invites you to Spring Into Wellness! We’re hosting an eight-week challenge to help you achieve overall health: physically, mentally, socially and even financially! Plus, there’s a chance to win prizes. All you have to do is post about how you’re accomplishing the challenges on social media!

(If you don’t use social media, or if your account is private, we’ve created an online form where you can upload your photos.)

Here’s how it works:

Each week will focus on a challenge related to various areas of wellness. The week will run Monday through Sunday, so make sure you post or submit your entry by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday! Entries can be posted on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and must use #SCBarSpringIntoWellness. Captions should be about how you achieved the challenge, how it helped you and anything you learned that could help others!

Now here’s the fun part—each week ends with a prize! Each week that you participate, you will have a chance to win a water bottle and a $10 gift card. Then at the end of the challenge, someone will win an Apple Watch! Each post gets your name in the drawing, so be sure to participate weekly to increase your odds!

Here are the weekly themes:

April 2-8: Get moving! Move in some way for 30 minutes. Go for a walk, a bike ride or any other activity that gets your heart pumping.

April 9-15: Financial Fitness—save $20! You can skip lunch out two days this week or pass on your daily Starbucks. Small changes can have a big impact on your financial health.

April 16-22: Cook a healthy dinner at home. Pull out some seasonable produce and create a well-balanced and healthy meal at home. Don’t forget to share the recipes in your post!

April 23-29: Meditate: Take 10 minutes of your day this week to take a time out for yourself and meditate. Share when you found your 10 minutes in the day or how you felt afterwards.

April 30- May 6 (Community Law Week): Did you know that volunteering helps your social well-being? This week, spend time assisting someone with a pro bono matter, judge a mock trial competition, volunteer to answer questions on Free Legal Answers, help with a community event, speak at a career day program, spend some time mentoring a younger lawyer or student, or even assist someone you do not know get their groceries into the car. Tell us how you helped someone else!

May 7-13: Try something new this week. Whether it’s a new exercise, a new class at the gym or that healthy recipe you’ve been meaning to make.

May 14-20: Doctor, doctor—schedule an annual physical, dental or eye exam, especially if it’s been a while!

May 21-27: Have a technology-free night. Turn off those phones, tables, computers, etc. for the whole evening. Share what you did instead or how hard you found it to disconnect.

We hope you’ll join us and participate in each challenge! This information can also be found on the Bar website. If you have questions or feedback, please email livingabovethebar@outlook.com.