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Working in an office setting can be rather sedentary. Hours sitting behind a desk, working in front of a glaring monitor and the only opportunity to move about is the occasional stroll to the printer or down the hall to the restroom.  Regardless of how much you love what you do or how important your work is, working in an office setting behind a desk all day can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Companies around the world now recognize this situation as an issue and are taking steps to help employees better enjoy their jobs and stay healthy at the same time. Many provide their employees with memberships to local gyms, time to integrate physical activity into their day, support local causes that host activities promoting health and wellness, and provide better food and snack options in the workplace.

At The Cate Law Firm in Spartanburg, the firm owner, Ruth Cate, cares a great deal about her attorneys and staff. She long ago recognized that she needed keep her staff focused and motivated in order to continue to provide the firm’s clients with quality client service. The firm has developed a family “vibe” that nurtures its employees with numerous opportunities to promote physical health and self-care, and it is obvious when you meet with any member of the firm that they, in turn, care a great deal about their clients and the outcome of their cases.

As a part of an ongoing effort to manage a top-notch staff and in celebration of Administrative Professionals Day, Ms. Cate recently purchased a new pair of Adidas Ultraboost X Running Shoes for each member of her staff. Ms. Cate shared that this was the firm’s effort to promote good health and wellness in her office. After receiving the gift, the staff coordinated a team walk on the Mary Black Rail Trail in Spartanburg, just down the street from their office.  Many now walk the Rail Trail during lunch or right after work. Members of the staff hope to continue this trend, working to improve their overall health and mindset. 

The firm has also taken steps to keep their kitchen stocked with fresh fruit and veggies to curb any mid-day cravings. They also keep a pitcher of water, infused with fruit, on hand for the staff.  To promote mental health, massage appointments are offered to staff on a rotating basis.  Annual weekend “destination work retreats” enable employees to connect and relax in a non-office setting, which provides respite and enhances interoffice relations and compatibility.   

Planning for the future is an important element of our overall well-being and taking steps to improve our physical and mental health and wellness will not only help us improve our work effort but will help us to live longer and better lives. The Cate Law Firm is doing all it can to help their attorneys and staff maintain their own good physical and mental health so as to better serve the firm’s clients and to live longer and better lives.