June: Get "Fit to Practice" This Summer

Cedric Cunningham of Kinlaw and Cunningham, P.A. , leaving the gym and picking up a bowl of fruit.

Cedric Cunningham of Kinlaw and Cunningham, P.A., leaving the gym and picking up a bowl of fruit.

Cedric's plan to get fit to practice:
I try to go the gym either right before or right after work depending on my schedule for the day. I average about 4 days per week. I also try to stay busy or on my feet on the weekend by doing yard work, washing my car, visiting people, etc. I start my days off with eating either oatmeal or greek yogurt, followed by an apple as a mid-morning snack, followed by a decent lunch that usually includes a salad, another snack, then dinner hopefully by 7 p.m. When I exercise it's usually cardio or a fast paced weight lifting regimen. I've been at it since the beginning of March and I'm down about 18 pounds now.

Miles Coleman of Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP, suggests My Fitness Pal. It’s a food logging site with both a free and a paid version. (The free version does pretty much everything you need.) It’s a relatively easy and quick way to log your food and exercise and see how many calories you’ve eaten for the day, how many grams of fat/carb/protein you’ve eaten, the percentage of your diet that comes from each of those macronutrients, whether you’d gain or lose weight if you ate like this every day, etc.